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Varieties Of The Interior Paint Finishes

Various Paint Sheens

There are different sheens of paint. Sheen, which can be broken down into just 5 levels, specifies how shiny a paint finish is.

Flat Paint

No shine at all appears in flat paint. This paint covers imperfections beautifully and is quite simple to use, however, it is very challenging to clean. It works best on ceilings or in places with low traffic.

Matt Paint

The paint that is matt has a very slight shine. It's still simple to paint with, conceals imperfections, and requires less cleanup than flat paint. The most suitable places for matt paint are bedrooms and low-traffic areas.


Eggshell paint is more washable and durable since it has a little more gloss than matt paint. It is appropriate for rooms with light to moderate usage.


Paint with a medium sheen, such as satin, is quite durable and cleanable. It can reflect light around defects and make them stand out, making it a little more challenging to paint with. But because it's so resilient, it's great for cabinets and trims in high-traffic areas like living rooms and bathrooms.


Semi-gloss paint offers a lot of shine and is perfect for doors and trim in high-traffic areas. It is challenging to paint with because imperfections will show, but it is very durable and quite simple to clean. Very similar to the Satin finish


The highest amount of sheen, gloss paint is also the most enduring and cleanest. It can be quite shiny and is best utilized for detailing like front doors and elaborate trim work although.

The Higher the Sheen, The More Protection

The more gloss a paint has, the greater protection that paint will provide. This results in increased cleanability and toughness, extending the maintenance-free lifespan of these surfaces.

All depends on preference

The homeowner's preference ultimately determines the level of protection provided by the various finishes. Flat for ceilings, eggshell and matt for walls, satin and semi-gloss for trim, and gloss for accent pieces are the general guidelines. By following those guidelines, a paint job will last as long as possible.

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