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Making a space appear bigger

Paint and Colour

When preparing to paint the interior of their home, people frequently enquire about the colours that make a room look much bigger.

A room can have depth by using opposed light and dark colours. Keep in mind that medium hues will make your space appear smaller than it is when attempting to use paint to make a small room look larger. Inversely, using dark and glaring white colours that open up a room provides a feeling of a much larger space.

Not all tiny spaces are square. Some could be long and thin. Keep in mind that light and cool colours can help a narrow room appear spacious when deciding how to paint it. Remember that light and cool colours recede, making a space appear broader and farther away while considering the best way to paint a tiny room. Dark, warm colours bring it closer to us.

When decorating long, narrow areas, paint the opposing shorter walls a shade or two darker than the two longer walls.

That will give them the appearance of a square form and bring them closer together. Depending on how you want to show the space, you can also paint the longer walls a darker colour to highlight the length of the room.

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