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Make tight areas appear larger or warmer

The RULE 60-30-10

How does the 60-30-10 Rule work?

It is a traditional decorating rule that assists in choosing the colour scheme of a room. According to this rule, the dominating colour should constitute 60% of the space, the secondary colour or texture should comprise 30%, and the accent colour should generate 10%.

Which hues help a space appear larger?

Warm colours generate intimacy, while cool colours tend to make a space feel bigger and more open. Large rooms can typically handle more colour than small areas. Darker colours create the illusion that surfaces are closer to each other than they actually are, while lighter colours can expand a compact space.

What Shades Warming Up A Space?

Of course, not all compact areas must appear large: For example, "hunter green" or "rust" may work better for you than "pale peach" or "celery" if you want to create a pleasant or welcome ambience in a foyer, study, or library.

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