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Living areas with bright primary colors scattered throughout.

Residential living spaces that have been given a lively feel by using the three primary colours.

Yellow, blue, and red are the primary colours used in design. They typically show up in this environment as fierce fire-engine reds, bright sunlight yellows, and rich cobalt blues.

Whether directly applied to structural features like walls and columns or found in soft furnishings and accessories, they have an energising influence in interior design.

David Kohn Architects' Red House in the UK.

The living room is filled with brightly coloured furniture, such as a blue rug and footstool, a scarlet wall hanging, and a yellow upholstered armchair, which are contrasted by white-painted cinderblock walls and cosy wooden accents.

India's Out of the Blue.

An otherwise neutral flat in Thane, India, stands out for its persistent usage of cobalt blue.

Pieces of custom furniture include calming splashes of the colour, including hemispherical and spherical inserts on light fixtures and tables.

Every room in Sydney's Polychrome House has a splash of colour.

Color consultants were used by the locally based design studio, which was tasked with the renovation, to give the house a more "energetic" atmosphere overall.

The interior's layers of vibrant primary colours served as the beating heart of the joyous experience that was intended to be created.

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