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Expressive brick facades

Bricks are a widely used building material that is often used to make walls.

It is also simple to adorn a structure using its modest rectangular block design by constructing facades with color changes, intricate forms, patterns, and holes.

In India, the Gadi House has a beautiful facade made of projecting and perforated bricks that is supported by a base of grey stone.

The perforated portions of the bricks are utilized to ventilate the house and lessen the need for artificial cooling. The bricks are placed to resemble waves.

For the project, 5,000 custom bricks in 44 different forms and sizes were employed. The facade was carefully sculpted to accomplish their intricate arrangement, and a one-to-one template was utilized to position each brick during construction. (The Interlock, UK)

With dark bricks that swell around the floors and windows, it was intended to question the traditional facades of the neighboring buildings while emulating their proportions.

- A skylight "chandelier" (Bangladesh)

This mausoleum in Bangladesh is constructed with brick turrets and a series of cylinder skylights as a nod to conventional Islamic structures.

"The core concept was crafting the 'chandelier of paradise', which blesses the souls with the light of paradise for their noble work on earth," told principal architect Sharif Uddin Ahammed.

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