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Dulux has chosen light yellow as the 2023 color.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Due to the present crisis, Dulux characterizes Wild Wonder (a light yellow) as a "soft gold with hints of green" that appeals to people's desire for a stronger bond with nature and greater cognitive health.

The yellow "optimistic" tone is more suitable for decorating apartments, it can also be used to create a comfortable atmosphere in commercial interiors, which often stands out with a dusty pink or a deep red shade.

This kitchen (below) is completely covered in butter yellow, covering everything from the walls and moldings to the window frames. Offered by a design studio in Sweden.


The London design firm painted the walls lime yellow and exposed the original floorboards to create an "intimate and homely feel", and a cast-iron fireplace was installed in the hall.


Bespoke plywood furniture is the hallmark of this 13 square meters tiny home, light wooden elements create a coherent interior, while functional areas such as integrated sliding doors are accented with soft yellows, pinks, and blues. (UK)

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